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The present Pomeranian Breed standard states the Pomeranian breed should be within the following weight

Size-Dogs 1.8. kg to 2 kg. Bitches 2kg. to 2.5. kg.

The U.S. Pomeranian Breed Standard is between 3 and 7 lb in weight for a mature Pomeranian.

This is a very small dog. Pomeranian Puppies are usually between 2 and 5 oz at birth

The Adult Pomeranian can range in height from about Height: 8 - 11" (20.3 - 27.9cm). 

The breed standard deviates from most others by requiring the female to be slightly larger than the male.

There are no such thing dog breed as miniature, toy or teacup Pomeranians.

The first Pomeranian breed standard is dated 1898. This early breed standard makes no mention of size and it is not until the 1950 breed standard that we find a reference to the desired weight range for the Pomeranian breed “ 4 to 4.5. lbs for males and 4.5. lbs to 5.5 lbs for females “.

There is no mention in either the 1909 or 1925 Pomeranian Breed Standard of any desired weight or height for the Pomeranian.

At the formation of English Pomeranian Club the breed was divided by weight into two sections : one section for Pomeranians under 8 lbs and the other section for Pomeranians over 8lbs.

Four challenge certificates were granted by the Kennel Club, one for each sex in either weight.

In 1908 the Challenge Certificates where reduced to two, but after requests to the kennel Club the number of Challenge Certificates for Pomeranians was again reinstated to Four Challenge Certificates.

In 1915 the Kennel Club withdrew the Challenge Certificates for the over 8lb Pomeranians.

After 1915 we only have Pomeranians that should weigh under 7lb at maturity.

Prospective Pomeranian owners seem very confused when buying a Pomeranian.

A lot of this confusion is caused by the inferior type of "Pomeranians" sold from dubious outlets, e.g. PetShops, Backyard Breeders and unfortunately, even from some not so good registered Breeders.

The correct sized Pomeranians do not have big litters. 1 to 3 Pomeranian babies in a Pomeranian litter is a the norm for a Pedigreed, Registered, Show Pomeranian .

After nearly 40 years of experience breeding Champion Show Pomeranians, I will state that 3 to 4  Pomeranian puppies in a litter from a pedigreed, registered show Pomeranian is a large litter.

These tiny little Pomeranian dogs are not an economic viable breed for the Puppy Mills/farms and backyard Breeders. Most "Pomeranians" sourced from these type of outlets seem to be something completely different to the show Pomeranian. The puppies when very young still look cute to the uneducated eye, but as they mature these "Pomeranians" get bigger and bigger, long nosed, long backed, long legs, big eared, lack head and leg coat and very often have low tail sets.

In short these type of "Pomeranian" puppies purchased from dubious outlets will often not look like a Pomeranian at maturity.

A "Pomeranian" puppy from these sources will rarely conform to the Pomeranian Breed Standard.

A reputable, registered breeder does not describe their Pomeranians as being miniature, toy or teacup Pomeranians.

Beware of any "breeder" advertising Pomeranians puppies by any of these terms.teacup pomeranian puppy

You can be sure that anyone who tells you they have teacup Pomeranians, miniature Pomeranians, or Toy Pomeranians for sale is not a reputable Breeder.

My advice is to always purchase from a reputable breeder, so my advice to you is to avoid any "breeder" advertising or mentioning their puppies by these terms .

I would look for your new family member elsewhere.

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